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KINSHASA (animated short-film d'animation)

Kinshasa, my new animated short-film, received funds from SODEC and CALQ in 2017 for production, as well as support from ACIC (NFB) for post-production. Kinshasa also received funds from SODEC for for the scripting and writing, and from CALQ for pre-production.
Kinshasa is based on my childhood memories in Zaïre between 1993 and 1995.
Production: l'Embuscade Films
Distribution: La Distributrice

THE BRIDE ( graphic novel )


Synopsis: In XIX century Ukraine, a mystic love story between a young woman and a young man is compromised when a sacred promise is broken.

The Bride is a graphic novel. I am writing the story and illustrating with China ink, brush and ink pen.  It received funds from The Foundation for Yiddish Culture in Montreal.